Niagara Power List 2020

Article Publishing Deadline: August 31, 2020

Niagara Region, ON most influential people of 2020

Welcome to the Onside Niagara Powerlist 2020. The Onside team has been working hard each day to understand the individuals who have elevated the Niagara Region to a new level of economic growth and recognition. Our mission is to highlight individuals who have strived each day to make Niagara Region a better place for generations to come.

The Onside Niagara Powerlist cover stakeholders from different backgrounds, as well as other esteemed industry professionals with proven excellence in Innovation, Business Acumen and Leadership.

To achieve this we set up a panel of advisory board with more than 100 years of collective experience in diverse verticals. The panel being highly experienced and Niagara based helped us to identify these individuals.

Our endeavor is to bring the most influential people of Niagara Region under one roof.

Selection Criteria: ONSIDE NIAGARA POWERLIST 2020

Onside Niagara Powerlist 2020 advisory board looked at a number of attributes before shortlisting the 20 individuals to be included in the Onside Niagara Powerlist 2020.

Their selection criteria included some of the attributes as below:

  • Making Niagara a secured place for generations to come
  • Keeping the multicultural diversity alive
  • Supporting and commitment to New Businesses and growth
  • Ensuring direct investments into infrastructure projects
  • Creating positive impact through philanthropic initiatives
  • Developing tourism to boost the local communities
  • Providing world class education for people from all over the world
  • Generating employment opportunities across various industries
  • Making sure Niagara is always on the world map with award winning wineries
  • Keeping the soul of Niagara Alive

Advisory Board

  1. Juliet Dunn, Executive Director, TD Niagara Jazz Festival
  2. David D’Angelo, Spark Niagara
  3. Dan Lynch, Special Advisor, BROCK LINC, Brock University

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