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Taiana Melo, Founder,


Banket is a marketplace from cooking lovers to food lovers, where homemade food can be easily found.  The lack of time to prepare their own meals is a problem for many busy people. Thinking about busy people and their desire to eat homemade food regularly,

Taiana Melo has created a platform to connect people with local home-cooks. The idea is simple and it is has been an effective way for immigrants to remember those home-cooking smells. So if you have no time to cook at home? Discover how to easily connect with home-cooks nearby.  The Onside editorial team met up with Taiana Melo, Founder, and spoke about the future of the this homemade food business.

What is your BANKET’s biggest Unique Selling proposition?

Affordable Home made food, not food from restaurants, food from home cooks.

How did you think of starting Banket? 

I wanted to start a business that could help other people get empowered. In 2016 I started working with Oracle as a strategic accounts and territory manager in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I was juggling between my one year old daughter, work and husband.

I didn’t know how to cook nor I had the time to cook and I always wondered what if I buy home made food from neighbours and that’s is how the idea came up.

It took me 5 months to design, Initially I started inviting sellers to sell at banket and to make it popular I started advertising in social network. My first orders came in the form of organics soups for a housewife who had registered on the website. She cooked and made the delivery herself. During the starting months of, I delivered the products in Brazil.


Banket’s Screen Shot

How does banket generate revenues?

In terms of money every time a seller sells a meal, receives a fees of 20% on the delivery. I made some money initially however Christmas was the best time, and everyone wanted delicious home made food and after 16 months of the business, banket in brazil had 85 vendors that included housewives, pastries & delies. We became a bridge between homechefs and consumers as most of these homechef were selling earlier but didn’t have the expertise to market online to bigger audiences.

Banket in Canada

Coming to Canada in 2017, I realized the consumer market is much better and they want home made food, as there are a number of people coming from across the world they miss home made food. They have less time to cook due to their work schedules and also it is hard to find all local ingredients to cook authentic food.

How big is the market for Banket? Which cities are you targeting?

Market for home chefs is really big. Currently I am looking at targeting Niagara region and GTA. We are open to homechefs who would like to start selling on our platform

What has been the greatest challenge in your journey until now?

Challenge 1

Vendors “Individuals” who are certified to sell food in Canada. Individuals needs to get a food handling certification for their kitchens even if it’s a rented kitchen. For example lets look at a GTA, if a day care is operating from your home, you would also require a certification in the same way a house kitchen can be certified from City of Toronto and start selling food from their homes.

Challenge 2

Delivery service, I need to tie up with a deliver service

Challenge 3

Financial Help – Government funding to empower women entrepreneurs

Who is your biggest competitor?

Currently in Canada, it will be the big players like Uber eats, Chef’s plate, Foodora & Hello food. However none of them have housewives or individuals on board who are selling home made food to users.

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