Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Earth Day is Every Day - April 22

We are a Paleo inspired gluten-free cafe: Erin Baric, The Simple Kitchen

With the death knell for Toronto businesses ringing out daily, one unique Roncesvalles' restaurant has managed not only to keep their doors open but...
Charles Forbes, Founder, Island Sauce

Our flavourful sauces are used in everyday meals: Charles Forbes, Island Sauce

Who does not like to try flavourful recipes? But a good recipe becomes excellent if served with a special sauce. Onside Media spoke to...

We are promoting a sense of calm and well-being: Gabriela Acosta, Como La Flor

When the thoughts run wild and boredom creeps in and you feel trapped in the four walls during the lockdown, Como La Flor comes...

Canadian professional dancer opened a flower shop in Pandemic: Shannon Whelan, Euclid Farms

This Canadian professional dancer opened a flower shop in Pandemic, and this is what happened! You have ever wondered how some people are just unstoppable? ...

Traditional Calabria’s Zeppole, Spezzatino, Semoline by Italian Wife Chef, Lisetta De Murtas

Family traditions are important. The biggest one, food. Some of that has been lost with how busy everyone is. Lisetta De Murtas wants to...

We source from where we deliver: Genevieve Sutherns, Guelph Box

Guelph, Ontario - Subscription boxes became a hot commodity in 2020, especially with the restrictions due to COVID-19. It has never been easier to...
Karalyn White, Paramount's Executive Director of Corporate Affairs

Spread Hummus, Hope and Positivity: Karalyn White, Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount Fine Foods is a Middle Eastern and Lebanese restaurant chain with a consciousness for human connection. Prioritizing quality service, food, and dining experience,...
Kimberly LaRussa(Twitter Picture)

Voice of the unheard, how the pandemic affects man best friend

It’s 2021, yet the pandemic is still going on intensely worldwide; the new strain of the virus and the lack of a sufficient amount...

Crying Out Loud: Single mom! A new start up! And the challenges of pandemic!

Sarah Keast, Co-founder "Crying Out Loud" spoke with Onside Media, about their business and how the pandemic impacted their business. Crying Out Loud is a...
Morgan Mitchell, Founder, Green Goddess Fromagerie

Going Vegan During Lockdown with the Green Goddess Fromagerie: Morgan Mitchell

Guelph's Green Goddess Fromagerie is quite possibly the only place in the world where you can find a vegan Marble Cheddar cheese—let alone a...