Monday, October 23, 2017

The Onside is an online education guide that specifically targets students, educational institutes and employment related opportunities for students across India.

This is by keeping in view, the career focus of today’s youngsters and the scarcity of a structured approach  information on employment opportunities post education. More and more individuals are not only looking to pursue a career at an early age, but also want a better clarity on job opportunities available after pursuing a specific program in a specific college. This is huge concern for parents and their wards because of enormously high cost of education for which most youngsters depend on an Educational loan today.

However all entities on a serious learning and career path have too many questions and very few answers. These also include experienced professionals, who, today have the money to spend their hard earned funds on a professional / academic program of their choice. The Onside, aims to create a common platform for all these stake holders and provide solutions.

-Team Onside


Vishwasjeet Singh
IIT-Bombay, MS Finance – Bentley University, USA